Car Detailing Checklist?

Answer Cleaning a car is not only about the routinely washing it with soap and water, but it includes thoroughly cleaning the interior to get rid of dirt that hides in crevices and inaccessible corners. T... Read More »

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Auto Checklist for Detailing?

Auto detailing can be a very lucrative job to do on the side. Detailing can make a vehicle appear new, provided there are no heavy scratches or dents in the vehicle. Detailing removes all of the di... Read More »

Information on Car Detailing?

Auto detailers thoroughly clean, wax and polish cars to give them a glossy, showroom-quality appearance. Some detailers work as freelancers, servicing a clientele of private car owners. Others work... Read More »

How to Wax a Car When Detailing?

While detailing a car, you want to spend at least 30 minutes waxing the vehicle. Wax gives a car a nice sheen and can protect the exterior from the elements. Once the wax is applied, it does not ne... Read More »

Importance of Car Detailing?

There's nothing like the look, feel and smell of a brand new car. Shiny paint, fresh plastic parts that aren't faded or scratched and even spotless wheels and tires make a new car look spotless. Of... Read More »