Car Brake Rotor Types?

Answer Brake rotors are the round steel part located behind your car's wheels that are clamped by the caliper and the brake pads when the brakes are applied. The friction from the brake pad material on th... Read More »

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The Effect of Brake Rotor Crossdrilling on Brake Cooling?

When it comes to a vehicle's performance, its ability to stop is just as important as surefooted handling and decent power. The rotors are round, disc-shaped components of the braking system. When ... Read More »

When Do You Need a Brake Pad Vs. a Rotor?

The brake system in a vehicle utilizes brake shoes, calipers, brake pads and a rotor to stop a vehicle. All of these parts are in the brake assembly that spins on each end of the front and rear axles.

What is a brake rotor?

The rotor is one of the most important parts of a disc brake. It gives the brake pads a surface to clamp down on to stop the wheel. Disc brakes are used on cars, motorcycles and even bicycles.Histo... Read More »

Brake Rotor Myths?

It is a sad truism in the automotive world that the best tuners know practically nothing about brakes. Though these hydro-mechanical systems are fairly simple in design and intent, there are a lot... Read More »