Car Battery Troubleshooting Information?

Answer Hard starting, faulty operation of electrical accessories or the battery going dead overnight are symptoms that there may be something wrong with your car's charging system. The battery is just one... Read More »

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Battery Alternator Troubleshooting?

A car's battery, voltage regulator and alternator make up the charging system. The alternator makes the electricity, the regulator keeps the power output within safe parameters and the battery keep... Read More »

Troubleshooting Motorcycle Battery Problems?

Motorcycle battery problems arise from damaged cables, a dirty battery case or corroded terminals and connectors. Standard (non-maintenance-free) battery problems also arise from low electrolyte le... Read More »

1974 Corvette Battery Troubleshooting?

The 1974 was the last year Corvette featured the big block engine. Small suspension changes were made to the front and rear, owing to a new, heavier bumper desgn that added 30 pounds to the weight ... Read More »

2002 Dodge Neon Battery Troubleshooting?

Car batteries have a limited lifespan, usually lasting between three and five years. If you’re experiencing problems with the battery in your 2002 Dodge Neon and the battery is older than five ye... Read More »