Captures videos in QVGA or VGA resolution with sound i want to buy a camera that records videos with sounds would this work?

Answer VGA means a resolution of x = 640 to y = 480 pixel on displays/screens.A quarter of the VGA's resolution is called QVGA (Quarter VGA, 320x240 pixel).

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Is it illegal to record sounds in youtube videos and put them in your own videos?

If those sounds are copyrighted then yes.Some Copyrighted Materials: Audiovisual works, such as TV shows, movies, and online videos Sound recordings and musical compositions Written works,... Read More »

Why wont your camera let you put sound on videos?

It is a problem with your camera (ie no microphone), not to do with your computer.You can add music or whatever by using iMovie.

Can the Nikon s70 record videos with sound and is it a good all around camera?

When in the normal shooting mode, look for a button with a (+-) symbol on the right side of the circular control panel. Press this button to adjust your exposure setting and make sure you press "ok... Read More »

I want to make videos (with sound) that I can upload to the web, what kind of camera should I buy?

most newer didgital cameras have soujnd and can take vids for up to 3-5 hours and you can buy one at toys r us and it works thats what i use go to u tube and search jon barger to see examples