Capital Stock & Growth Data?

Answer According to Investopedia, capital stock has a definition of stock, either common stock or preferred stock, that a company is authorized to issue by the corporate charter. The growth data of a comp... Read More »

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Value Stock vs. Growth Stock Long-Term Return?

Value and growth stocks are two categories of stocks that reflect the financial metrics of the underlying companies. Investors consider value stocks "cheap" and growth stocks "expensive," but each ... Read More »

How to Sell Stock With a Capital Loss?

One of the benefits of investing in the stock market is that the market does go up a lot. But it also goes down. Fortunately, if you lose money in the stock market, the capital loss can help offset... Read More »

Is preferred stock contributed capital?

Preferred stock can be contributed capital only if the shares were not purchased in a secondary market, such as a broker. Contributed capital is the value of shares purchased directly from the issu... Read More »

Are stock options capital gains?

Stock options are taxed as capital gains. Any gain or loss is included in your taxes as a capital gain or an offset to a capital gain, respectively. The taxation depends on the issue price, exercis... Read More »