Cant we play a DVD in a CD-drive?

Answer not without a DVD player on your would be like me trying to put a DVD into a portable CD player.. it just wont work.

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I cant format my external hard drive?

u may have to unmounted it, then remount with the fat32, file system, the reason is ur click on saved data, from the back-up, its got to work, maybe u can change the file data the fat32Get another ... Read More »

I cant view my external hard drive in my computer?

Right click on My Computer and choose Manage. When the Computer Management screen opens up, click on Disk Management on the left hand side. This will show all your hard drives that Windows sees and... Read More »

Bought a new computer for Xmas and cant find DVD ROM drive?

Lisa, you shouldn't be expected to dig around in the BIOS or open the case of a brand new computer. Your post sounds as if you know how to detemine whether the drive is showing in My Computer or n... Read More »

If u cant drink and drive why do they have parking at bars?

Odd enough question, but a reasonable one, since the legal BAC has kept going down: it is now .08 in most states, a limit that would have freely allowed you the road even ten years ago. If you go... Read More »