Can't walk on right foot?

Answer You might have slept with it jambed up somewhere. Might be arthritic, even gout flares up with too much rich food.

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My lower legs are having muscle pain. I cant even walk right now cuz it's so painful. What should i do?

have you been sitting in an awkward position? maybe its a good idea to sleep with a pillow between your legs, i was having lower leg pain in my legs until i tried sleeping with a pillow between my ... Read More »

Right side of my right foot hurts from falling?

Stress fracture can be the possibility..…Good luck!

Ligaments damaged cant walk but crutches refused?

Yes, you should have been given crutches even to support you to walk.

What causes pain in a Knee to be so bad you cant walk?

I think you need a Doctor's opinion ?Best Wishes.Mars Mission.