Can~t uninstall x-lite 4, please help?

Answer Use revo uninstaller ,It is used for uninstalling software which cannot be removed by "Add or Remove"If it does not work,Use force uninstall option.Use revo uninstaller to uninstall and remove all ... Read More »

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Can anyone please help me I cant find where I can watch days of our lives online please help if you can?

I found a site just a few hours ago.I noticed that they have an entire section for video so you might find what you're looking for there.I'm glad I joined. Great spoiler section!

I cant poop help i need help please!!?

This is gross, but been there done that with myself and many patients.When you are trying to pass the stool and it won't come out, first take your fingers and gently massage the protruding anus. Y... Read More »

How to uninstall ovi store in asha311 help me please?

there is a way to unistall ovi store in asha311,however ,u cant install ovi again in a proper way,if u could u might not get it opened,so the better way is to hardly format ur device and reinstall ... Read More »

Cant Sleep please help?

So you're saying you have no schedule whatsoever? You can just sleep and wake whenever you feel like it? A schedule would help. Try cutting your sleep short one day and then you'll be sleepy ear... Read More »