Cant taste anything after i accidently took a sip of bleach!!?

Answer I don't know it should if it doesn't go to the doctor

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Accidently mixed windex and tiny amount of bleach?

You'll be fine. There wasn't enough bleach residue in the bucket to cause concern. Nor enough ammonia in the windex. You'll live, just open a window to be safe 'cause what do I know. Just don't do ... Read More »

What does bleach taste like?

Bleach taste just like it smells, like chlorine, a deadly poison.

Miller® Lite has the Taste Protector Lid™. So my question is, why protect the taste of schitt?

Thats a very good question, my friend works for Miller and I cant wait to show him this

Sodium hypocholorite and/or chlorine dioxide: bleach, or not bleach?

When you mix it up with citric acid according to the directions, it produces chlorine dioxide.From Wiki: "Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. This yellowish-green gas cr... Read More »