Can't take Youtube loading bar anymore!?

Answer And I thought that only happened to me.

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Im 13 and vegan and I cant take eat vegies anymore?

Honey, you ARE eating. Vegans eat, too. If we didn't, we'd be dead. Judging by the fact that you think you're not, I think you're taking veganism too fast. Any change to one's diet needs to be a sl... Read More »

I'm trying to upload a video to youtube and it keeps saying "loading" - how long does it usually take?

This calculator should help:…

Cant boot USB getting "error loading oprating system"?

What OS is it? Linux windows? Ubuntu? Linux mint but anyway try make the bootable usb again and again about 5 times it got for that to work for me or try another USB or USB booting program

Cant burn any cds anymore?