Cant swallow tablets?

Answer Sometimes I get that, when I'm nervous to swallow it, your probably all tensed up, try to relax when you swallow it (easier said than done I know, but try) maybe break the tablet in half, or buy th... Read More »

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I can't swallow tablets?

Can you chop them up? Mix them into applesauce. Next time you are sick, ask them for the liquid version of the prescription. Otherwise ask if they can be chopped up.

Do you need to have a drink when trying to swallow tablets?

I need a glass too! helps the medicine go down!

Help how to swallow small tablets, pills...?

I've had the same problem when I was young and I still have a hard ime swolling other pills but put it as far back in your mouth as possible with out choking yourself and just chug a glass of watte... Read More »

I lost the ability to be able to swallow pills/tablets, what do I do?

well that's normal..ok my sister is the same can you are Just scared because everything your body does you are making it do it so you CAN swallow it you are scared....what i do is i put i... Read More »