Cant stand the smell?

Answer I know how you feel. When I moved into my apartment, it reeked of Indian spices because the tenants before me were Indian. I used Oust, and that seemed to get rid of it, and now I use this oil wa... Read More »

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I have 2 roomates who smoke, I cant stand the smell any ideas on getting rid of that disgusting smell?

Move out. That stuff is going to kill you.

A plastic bottle cap touched the element in the dishwasher Now I cant get the burnt smell out And when I use it the dishes now have a burnt smell Will baking soda hurt the dishwasher if I use it?

Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.

I have a bad smell in my apartment and i cant find out what it is.?

I'd say you're onto it. Probably a dead mouse or rat caught up in your ventilation system.

I smoked in my bathroom and i cant get rid of the smell how do i get rid of it before my parents come home.?

burn a candle, works every timeEdit: whos the jerk that thumbdowned everyone