Cant sleep chronic toothache, any advice?

Answer Chew cloves or rub clove oil on the tooth. Peel and crush a clove of fresh garlic and mix it with peanut butter. Apply it to the aching tooth and keep it there for some time. Add some lime juice to... Read More »

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I got a hell of a toothache, need advice?

How can you have toothache? I thought you had no teeth left!!You need at least 2 bottles of the strong stuff, but the chances are you will be so pissed you will pull the wrong one out. (((hugs))) I... Read More »

I can't eat or sleep with toothache!!?

Seeing a dentist is the best option. If you can't get any treatment done, just go get an xray done and ask for a pain prescription. Thus should only take about 30-40 minutes of your time. At least ... Read More »

HELP!!! How do i get rid of a toothache or at least safely drug myself so i can sleep?

Tylenol PM does the job for me. I just popped a few a few minutes ago.

Does anyone here know how to clean a room What advice would you give to a chronic procrastinator?

You should start in one corner first...maybe get some black bags in case you want to throw some stuff out... ??? Clean from top to bottom always... Start in one corner and finish that corner befor... Read More »