Cant see desktop items?

Answer right click on the 'arrange icons by' and tick the 'show desktop items'

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How do I remove launch items on desktop?

Delete a Quick Launch itemAccess the "Display Properties" window by right-clicking on the Windows Taskbar and selecting "Properties" from the pop-up menu options. Make sure the "Lock the taskbar" o... Read More »

Does having to many desktop items slow down your computer?

No. Your computer has to use some of its graphics capability to display the icons, but that's a tiny portion of its capability, you'd never be able to measure the difference. 20 years ago you wou... Read More »

How to Delete Sent Items from Your Blackberry Without Impacting the Desktop?

You may hate seeing the sent items on your BlackBerry. If you delete them one by one, they get deleted from your desktop email client and this is not good.So, this quick little routine only takes a... Read More »

How to Restore Desktop Items in Server 2003?

The Windows 2003 operating system is a server software used to manage large or small Windows domains. The administrator can enable and disable desktop icons. Icons are disabled so the administrator... Read More »