Can't save on Tumblr?

Answer i had the same problem for a long time . i used internet explorer ( i know ew lol it came with the laptop ) and it worked and then like a few months later it worked on chrome again . so try to do i... Read More »

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My Tumblr won't save my changes?

when you go to your customize page, change the url. add -classic after customize so the page goes back to the classic look when youre customizing your blog. the end of the url should look like cust... Read More »

I customized my tumblr page using a generator, but it wont save?

Hey!Try logging out of your Tumblr and logging back in again and try to do it again. If that doesn't work, try clearing up your browser history and cache and see if it works then. Still not working... Read More »

How do you change your tumblr profile picture with tumblr's new layout?

go to your to the word "Dashboard" is your blog name,click on will direct you to a different view.under the "open your blog" tab,there are "customize appearance" and a symbol S... Read More »

Tumblr:How to make a pop up navigation on your tumblr page?