Can't press 2 arrows at the same time on my keyboard?

Answer A virus that does that is unlikely, but remotely possible.Sounds more like your keyboard isn't the "quality" item you think it is. But try pressing all affected keys, and all "modifier" keys (alt,... Read More »

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My laptop keyboard create some sort of sound "tu" when I press a third key on the same time.?

go to control panel -->accessibility optionson the keyboard tab you will see "StickyKeys", choose setting on "StickyKeys" then disable all...

Cant use external hard drive and ipod at the same time..?

You have a USB problem of some kind.What machine? What OS?Is the external hard drive a portable type that draws power from the USB port, or a desktop type which has its own AC power adapter.One gue... Read More »

Wat is a good fone that has a touch screen and has a keyboard at the same time?

LG Voyager. Pimpin', trust me. I have it. It has a touch screen with is activated by vibration rather than heat, making it a faster more interactive touch screen, and flips open and has a wide keyp... Read More »

It comes up system error press power button and power button at the same time?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are