Cant pee in public restrooms?

Answer YES, you should definitely tell your therapist this because it is completely linked into your anxiety issues and gender dysphoria. You can tell your mom as well, as she may be wondering why you're ... Read More »

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Are public swimming pools required to have showers or restrooms?

In the majority of states, showers and restrooms are required at public pools unless individuals have access to bathing and restroom facilities in a nearby location. But these regulations are set b... Read More »

What Can Eliminate a Strong Urine Smell From Public Restrooms?

Nearly everyone has had to use a public restroom at one time or other. And, often we leave those restrooms holding our nose because of the strong smells often included in the experience. Public res... Read More »

What percentage of people wash their hands when leaving public restrooms?

In Japan I'd say 90% of men wash their hands. For women its probably higher (just a guess). Kids maybe 50%.Me 100%

ADA Standards for Restrooms?

In July 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which makes it illegal to discriminate against individuals who have disabilities. The ADA standar... Read More »