Cant intall windows 8 release preview?

Answer What is the error message that you got ?

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Is it safe to install, use and keep Windows 8 Release Preview or not?

Of course Windows 8 Release Preview is safe to use as it is a preview version genuine is coming soon...Windows Explore 10 is in developing mode so wait for about 6 months from now

Windows 8 preview going away?

It doesn't go away, if you mean disappear off the will simply stop working when the license expires. At that point you will either have to buy the real version of Win 8 and install i... Read More »

How long does it take to download windows 8 consumer preview?

I guess you could say its pretty speedy. I started at 10 pm one night and it still wasn't downloaded by the time I went to sleep. Start downloading it again the next day, so far, it has been 1.5 hr... Read More »

How do I get my VIA HD Audio Deck to work with Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

All I know is Win8 and Windows Explorer 8 both sucked. Microbrain is working on Win9 but everyone is happy with 7.