Can't install LINUX on my laptop... help please!!?

Answer Hi!Do one thing, instead of using all space, use this custom layout:give 500 MB to boot partition1 MB GPT/EFI boot100 GB to home100 GB to root4 GB to swapthis is the layout if you want to have anot... Read More »

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How do I install linux on a laptop?

Burn a Linux DiscDownload an ISO version of the Linux operating system to your laptop desktop. Download and install ImgBurn if you do not have CD creation software that is capable of burning ISO di... Read More »

How to Install Linux Mandrake on a Laptop?

Mandrake Linux, now known as Madriva Linux, is a Linux distribution with an installation base of 3 million users, according to Mandriva. This distribution is geared toward simplicity in use, as wel... Read More »

How to Install Linux on a Laptop With the Vista Operating System?

Although many current laptops are running Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, it is possible to add Linux to that computer as either an addition to Vista or as a replacement. With a downloa... Read More »

How to Install a Linux Operating System to a Flash Drive and Install Portable Versions of Your Favourite Applications?

Ever wish there was more you could do with a USB stick other than saving or copying files? Like get it to make you breakfast, take the dog for a walk, or do all your school assignments? Well….... Read More »