Can't install AVG!! Later package already installed!?

Answer Ok the two who answer stop answering questions unless your answer it. or i will black list you. Hello and sorry for comment above it would seem that it is recognizing a copy avg still installed or... Read More »

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How to Install or Remove an RPM Package?

Many GNU/Linux distributions use the popular Redhat Package Manager, or RPM, system of adding or removing programs. Almost all Linux users will encounter the desire to add software to their compute... Read More »

How to Install a Tar.bz2 Package for Firefox on Debian?

The latest release of the Firefox Web browser is available as a download on the Firefox website. The Linux version is downloaded as a ".tar.bz2" file. This allows it to be installed on any Linux di... Read More »

Windows 8 is installed but have to install again help!?

Did you try what I had mentioned last time I answered this question? Attempting to erase all partitions and reinstall Windows?

I installed windows 7 but now i want to install xp?

If you need to have two Windows OS then you need to install the older version first... If you need to install Windows XP, you have to format your Windows 7 then first install your Xp and then Windo... Read More »