Can't install AVG!! Later package already installed!?

Answer Ok the two who answer stop answering questions unless your answer it. or i will black list you. Hello and sorry for comment above it would seem that it is recognizing a copy avg still installed or... Read More »

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Cant install in xp on dell dimesion HDD installed?

Buy an original XP Disk and you shouldn't have any issues.When you DL the .ISO from the internet you never know what you're getting unless it's from a very reliable source and since you mentioned '... Read More »

Can Acrobat Reader be installed when Acrobat Standard is already installed?

Adobe Reader, sometimes referred to as Adobe Acrobat Reader, can be installed on the same computer as Adobe Acrobat Standard, according to Adobe. Since both programs can open PDF files, the user ma... Read More »

How to ship a package and pick it up a month later?

I suggest that you use the general delivery option from the post office:= = = = = = =(… - under the "general delivery" tab)General DeliveryGet your mail ev... Read More »

When you buy an iphone are all the aps installed already?