Cant hear on your sciphone i9?

Answer What usually happens is when your existing phone gets damaged beyond repair, and you have the insurance policy for it, when you pay the deductible, one usually gets a refurbished mobile phone inste... Read More »

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Magic jack i only hear every other word changed phones lines i even bought mjack plus still only hear every o?

wireless + VoIP = jitter, latency and poor audio connectiontry with a wired internet connection, if still having problems log into the router and make sure SIP ALG is disabled..

How to Record on the Sciphone?

Bluelans Communications manufactures a series of clone phones under the SciPhone brand. The most popular of these clones, are the iPhone clones. These mobile devices share a number of similarities ... Read More »

Is a sciphone the same as a iPhone?

In my opinion absolutely not. There are too many great features and amazing things you can do with it for me to explain to you on this website. I suggest to ask a friend that has the iphone if you ... Read More »

How to Repair the SciPhone?

SciPhone is a clone of Apple's Sciphone. The device offers the same look and feel as the iPhone. Periodically, you may experience trouble using the device. For instance, the phone may freeze, you m... Read More »