Can't get volume high enough w/ uverse 2 tvs remotes & uverse remote on high volume magnavox flat & sylvania?

Answer You may need to turn the volume up on the AT&T U-verse cable box.To program your remote to control the U-verse volume follow these instructions:First turn your TV volume to about halfwayPress and h... Read More »

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Can you buy a uverse dvr on eBay and add it to your uverse thdvr system?

How do you set dish network remote to control volume on magnavox mrd120?

CW in El Paso is actually on channel 17, KVIAD. You can go to our website at and select the link in the upper right hand corner, Check TV Schedule, which will take you to another sc... Read More »

What is att uverse remote control for dynex tv?

First off, make sure the batteries are good. If it still doesn't work and it isn't the original remote control that came with the tv, find the user's manual and re-program the remote to the tv. If ... Read More »

What is the uverse remote code for maxent tv?