Cant get onto facebook today?

Answer Yes _ I'm in London and it just wont finish loading pages - then if it does eventually load as soon as I click on anything it hangs and will not open the new page.

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Why cant I log onto facebook?

It's working for me.. Must be something on your end... Try restarting your device.

Why cant I get onto facebook tonight.Is there a problem?

It's a popular site so theres probably so many users on already that it just gets slow. The site could also be "under construction" and not available for use for a while.

Is Facebook having problems today February 15, 2012. i cant get the page to come up.?

Fine with me too. Check it:…

Anyone having problems with getting onto facebook today 30/12/10 ?

Yes... pages were not loading for Maf wars... then I couldn't log in at all. Someone else near me has same problem... We're Australia. Website shows it as down.