Cant get my webcam to work,keeps going off, when i type?

Answer Are your web cam and keyboard USB?Are they both plugged into a USB hub?If they are the hub might not have enough power to supply both devices.Try plugging each directly into a USB port on your comp... Read More »

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Webcam testing - how do I set up the webcam type in my yahoo messenger?

yahoo messanger auto detects the webcam so if it doesnt work you would have to download a driver and i dont guearantee it would work


Obviously you installed the Magic Cam software otherwise you wouldn't know that you didn't like it, correct?You say that you "deleted it"........did you delete the program or did you uninstall it u... Read More »

I cant find the webcam on my computer.?

you need to reinstall the webcam software, your pc manufacturers website will have all the drivers/software for your pc

Help..i cant get my webcam to stay on top of my monitor?

Sticky tape, sticky-back adhesive pads, double-sided sticky tape, Blu-tacâ„¢, Blu-Tac Whiteâ„¢ (doesn't stain), chewing gum (pros: sets solid in a month, cons: ew), rubber tree sap, pine tree resin... Read More »