Can't fix the time on my monitor, can you help?

Answer highlight the AM and type in PM

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Is it okay to leave my monitor on all the time?

Read the specs, but it is probably 15 watts when on, and 3 watts when it puts itself to sleep. You really don't need sleep mode or screensaver with an LCD monitor. The image does not BURN IN, an... Read More »

Is it ok to leave a computer monitor on all the time?

Not if you're on the internet; the longer you're on the internet the easier it is for hackers to enter your computer. If you won't be using it for awhile it is also best to shut everything down. ... Read More »

How to get 4x HDMI input on one monitor AT THE SAME TIME?

The technique of multiple image sources on one screen is done with CCTV security systems. But usually they don't use HDMI. Mostly normal SD video capture devices or USB webcam inputs are used.I ... Read More »

Can we connect 2 CPUs to a single monitor at the same time and switch between them?

All you need is a two-port KVM switch (I use one made by IOGEAR). They are available from computer stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, etc.) Depending on what type of keyboard/mouse connect... Read More »