Can't fix the time on my monitor, can you help?

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Help..i cant get my webcam to stay on top of my monitor?

Sticky tape, sticky-back adhesive pads, double-sided sticky tape, Blu-tacâ„¢, Blu-Tac Whiteâ„¢ (doesn't stain), chewing gum (pros: sets solid in a month, cons: ew), rubber tree sap, pine tree resin... Read More »

Every time i click on a youtube video to view a blank page opens and and i cant view it!! can any1 help me?

Cant get my PS3 to show up on my monitor?

It will only work with a 24-pin DVI-D. If you are using a regular DVI adapter this is why it may not work.Also, select 720p as a maximum resolution as the monitor is only 1600x900. It can't support... Read More »

I cant get my monitor to work?

Reboot into safemode and then check your video settings