Can't find lost document!?

Answer If theres a shortcut on the desktop(which u didnot create), u might hav e not saved the original document on the might have moved just the shortcut there.If it got accidentally deleted ... Read More »

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Help! How do you find a lost document?

How to Find a Lost Document in Word?

A lost Microsoft Word document can be a frightening experience, especially if that document contains important information, a huge research report or your first novel. Fortunately, there are a few ... Read More »

How to Find an Autosaved Document That You Lost in Word?

Whether there is a power outage or a computer crash, discovering that you lost changes to a document you were working on can create a moment of panic. By default, Word periodically autosaves the do... Read More »

How to find a lost phone number of a lost friend?

Sorry about your phone. The only easiest thing I can think of is to visit them personally or to contact common friends and find out numbers from them. If not, you might have to search them at vario... Read More »