Can't delete user on macbook air?

Answer The admin account is your way out in case of troubles. The admin is used to prevent unwanted applications being installed and helps in case of computer troubles. Please do not delete it. It is a ne... Read More »

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Why cant i send photos from my iphone to a textplus user?

My pinger number does the same thing it could mean that the signal isn't strong enough or just that they won't allow you to do it

How to Delete User History?

Protecting privacy is important, especially when it comes to your computer. If you live with family members or roommates, guard against snooping by deleting the user history in the computer's web b... Read More »

How to Delete a User in Oracle?

Authorized applications or database administrators may need to drop any oracle user. This article demonstrates how a oracle user can be dropped from database.

How to Delete User Accounts?

The User Account feature on Windows allows several users to use one computer, each with their own individual desktop and workspace. User accounts are managed by a system administrator and can be as... Read More »