Can't copy 4GB file to a flash drive with 10GB free space?

Answer You are seeing the limitation on file size that exists in the FAT file system. Once you format it in NTFS it should work.

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How do I copy a file from a flash drive onto a hard drive?

Connect the Flash DriveClick "Start." Click "Computer" or "My Computer." Insert your flash drive into the USB port on your computer or laptop. Double-click the new drive that appears on screen.Copy... Read More »

File is too big to copy to usb flash drive?

goto my computer, right click on your pen drive and click on format. Once you've done that a dialog box will pop up. Change the file system option to NTFS and then click the start button.

I have only 10gb of memory left on my hard drive...what should i remove to free it up more?

figure out what you don't need then delete it. If your computer has a trojan in it, which could be very likely, it could be copying files and reproducing. Scan your computer if you don't know how... Read More »

Available space on my flash drive?

in your usb icon that can ba found in my computer area,click right in your mouse & press properties