Can't connect issue with PocketCloud iPad?

Answer You can add videos on your iphone through you iTunes. Simply plug in your iPhone to your computer, pull up iTunes, select your device, and select the video tab.

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Cant connect to the internet with backtrack 4?

To get Backtrack network connected, it must have an IP address. So assuming that it recognizes your network interface ( confirm with ifconfig eth0), do the following:dhcpcd eth0 - if your network h... Read More »

Is it possible to connect my nerves with an iPad?

Possible I think. They could maybe hook a lie detector test into an iPad. Such devices can read your nerves.

Cant connect to league minecraft or steam, but can still connect to internet?

sound like a computer glitch go on java and try to update

How to Connect a Memory Stick With a Camera Connection Kit to an iPad?

The iPad camera connection kit allows you to transfer photos onto your iPad device directly from a digital camera or SD card. For a successful transfer, a proper connection is key to ensure the dat... Read More »