Can't capture hdv in premiere pro cs3 or cs4!?

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How to Set Up Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for HDV Capture?

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 or CS2 is a useful tool in creating professional looking videos for HDV cameras. The crisp picture quality of many HDV cameras is greatly enhanced using Premiere Pro effects.... Read More »

How to capture video in adobe premiere cs6?

You did not tell us which computer or operating system or a few other things.The Sony HDV camcorders record high definition video (HDV format) to digital tape (miniDV). They can also record to stan... Read More »

Can Premiere Pro CS3 files be opened in Adobe Premiere Elements?

Files created with the Adobe Creative Suite 3, or CS3, can be opened by any of the programs included in Suite 3. This means that files created using Premiere Pro CS3 can be opened with the Adobe P... Read More »

Replay Video Capture Universal Audio Driver Setting to capture webcam?

Hi - I contacted the developer of the program and asked him your question. Here is what he wrote:"The Universal Audio Driver (UAD) is designed to work with computers that have no audio recording c... Read More »