Cant breath from smoking?

Answer Want to die soon? smoke.Want to quit? Be aware, no one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.I suggest reading http://stopsmoking-a-new-approach.blogsp…The site has a poor design but its co... Read More »

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When i breathe in after smoking, why does it feel like i cant hold my breath?

Your body is telling you to quit smoking. Why would you start again after quitting?

Why cant you breath through your nose and breath out your mouth at the same time?

It's not possible, because it depends upon your lungs bringing air in or out...and it can only send air in one direction at a time.

Cant breath in sleep?

You might be experiencing a condition known as sleep apnea it is a condition that affects snorers' and those who smoke frequently. At your earliest convenience get a sleep specialist one who deals ... Read More »

Horrible pain in left ribs, cant take deep breath?

how come you're not at the emergency room right now?you need to be examined!congrats on the baby, get well soon