Cant bench, left palm hurts?

Answer go talk to a doctor

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The left side of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it and when walk/run?

You need to rest your foot and apply ice till the pain goes away.

My left ear hurts - why?

probable ear infection. it still could be swimmer's ear eventhough you haven't swam in a week. sometimes symptoms can take a while to show in some people.I'd make an appt within the next 24 hours t... Read More »

My left arm hurts please help?

bad flow of blood going through. think of ways to increase its flexibility and stretch slowly and see a doctor

I got a bad burn from grabbin a exhaust pipe wit the palm of my hand, it hurts/feels aweful, wat can i do?

You have a 2nd degree burn on your hand. You need to put ice on the burn (NOT straight ice! Put the ice in a towel or something to prevent frost bite) and head to the ER, depending on how bad it is... Read More »