Can't Breathe While Lying Down?

Answer Orthopnea is a condition in which a person finds he can't breathe for short periods or has difficulty breathing while lying down. It may cause you to suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. It... Read More »

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Why is My 21 yr old adopted daughter never able to stop lying or telling obvious tales if you tell you know she is lying she snaps and attacks i am fraid of her help?

she might feel he need 2 be special or to test your boundries just calmly talk tp her about it and make sure you have your thoughtto gether because if yo dont its bound to get badand if she starts ... Read More »

Lying out by the pool vs lying out in your yard?

It is reflection off the water. This intensifies your sun exposure. It is the same as laying out on the beach.

I can't breathe well?

First of all don't panic. It will resolve now. You have to do these simple things only.â– Lemon tea with a dash of ginger may prove to be one of the easiest home based remedies. The medicinal prope... Read More »


get off the puter and call 911for someone that can't breathe you are an excellent typist