Canon XH-A1 no 720p recording and progressive scan?

Answer the XHA1 is a HDV camera that uses miniDV tape. there is no 720 mode for HDV. 720 is intermediate between SD at 480 and HD at 1080, these are vertical scan pixel count. While 720 is considered HD,... Read More »

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Won't a 720p HDTV give a better picture for a progressive scan DVD output than 1080i?

well it depends on your tvs native resolution. if you dont have a 1080p tv then your tv is probably a 720p set. yes these sets can accept a 1080i signal, it just downconverts it to your tvs native ... Read More »

What is a progressive scan DVD?

A progressive scan DVD contains a movie which has been encoded in its original scan type at 480 lines of resolution. Progressive scan is the way in which the image is assembled for viewing on a tel... Read More »

What is progressive scan?

interlaced is odd lines one cycle even lines the other cycleprogressive is all the lines every cycle.using interlaced means you only need half the data, that means slower hardware can cope.but it w... Read More »

What does progressive scan mean on a dvd player?

It simply means that it can take a standard DVD (which is 480i) and output a progressive signal (480p)If the term high definition or upscaling is used, it can output a 720p, 1080i and some models w... Read More »