Canon Powershot picture uploading?

Answer Where's the software, the disc that goes with your camera.? Why aren't your photos going into "My Pictures"?If they are not, I just don't know.

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How do I download a picture from a Canon PowerShot A590?

Plug a USB cable into both your camera and your computer (The smaller end plugs into your camera, the larger end into your computer) and turn your camera on.Double-click on the camera's icon to ope... Read More »

Why does it take long before you can snap another picture on the Canon powershot sx200is camera?

is it under warenty ?? was it water damage or droped ??? let us know a little moreset the camera to the infinity setting the sideways 8

How do i make the date of each picture show up when using the canon powershot sd870is?

I can't understand why anyone would want to spoil their images with an ugly date/time stamp.Your camera does have this feature. However, it's ONLY available in 'snapshot' Postcard mode which is in... Read More »

How do you get good picture quality using auto on the canon powershot SX10IS camera?

1) Remove CF card from camera. 2) Insert into Card Reader. 3) Plug card Reader into USB slot. 4) Use Pandora Recovery (freeware). This worked, even though the card had been formatted and reused... Read More »