Canon HV20, reliable or not?

Answer The only potentially bad thing is that the on camera microphone picks up tape noise during recording. If you use an external microphone this doesn't come in to play, but with the on camera micropho... Read More »

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Tying to choose camcorder. Canon hv20 or Canon hg10. Mini dv or hardrive?

You will keep losing tapes and DVDs if you are not very disciplined about maintaining them and organize them carefully.But, the major problem with hard drive camcorders? You are completely dependen... Read More »

What are the differences in the Canon HG10 and the Canon HV20?

well hg20 is better than it since it came out after hg10 so its most likely more advanced

Best place to get a CANON HV20?

You're very perceptive - most of the really good online deals are scams indeed. If you look at a company's website and it's very hard to find out where they're located, be wary. Look them up with... Read More »

Can a Canon HV20 use mini DV tapes?

According to Canon, the HV20 High Definition Camcorder can use standard Mini DV tapes. However, because this is a high definition recorder it is recommended that HDDV tapes are used. Each High Defi... Read More »