Canon 5d mark ii for short film?

Answer Just got to jump in & correct Jim's misconceptions - actually the Canon 5d was used to shoot the season finale of 'House', so the use of a DSLR video capability has been proven in the 'film' indust... Read More »

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What are some video/DV/DSLR cameras that are the same quality as the Canon XH A1 and the Canon 5D Mark II?

Hi Alex: You asked a similar Question last week over in the "Cameras" Category, but since you are interested in shooting "video" and not still photos, I'd recommend you discard your thoughts of usi... Read More »

Does the canon rebel lens fit canon 5d mark?

No, or maybe. You need to look at the lens.If the lens is EF-S then it will not fit.If the lens is EF then it will fit. rebel can use all EF and EF-S lenses.5d can only use EF lenes, becouse it's f... Read More »

Canon 5D Mark II Vs. Canon 7D 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?

The 7D will allow you to buy more lenses, so you will be able to build your system much faster (just buy EF lenses so you can later upgrade to a full frame dSLR like the 5DWhat surprises me that wi... Read More »

Sigma 75-300 lens that you used on a canon rebel xt film camera - you try to use it on a canon 20d an usually get an Err 99 error message - what can you can do?