Canon 400d--What is a CR2 file and why won't these files open on my comp?

Answer A .CR2 file is the Canon version of an image file known as "RAW". These files are extremely high quality, and are the very best when it comes to editing. However, very few programs can open them.... Read More »

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Why wont my Canon EOS 400D turn on?

What is Difference between canon 400d and 400d rebel?

In small cameras, always go with optical image stabilization if available. Therefore, choose the SD11is.

What is a PVM file What program opens PVM files I am trying to open a PVM file in My DocumentsMy Albums it says Camera 12 30 2006 PVM File 2 KB?

PVM file is a directory listing of certain photo imaging software's that link to the actual jpeg file. See more on PVM file and how to open it at related links.

What kind of canon lens can fit canon 400d?

EF and EF-S lenses can be used on 400d. There is a lot of lenses out there.