Canola Pest Control Methods?

Answer Canola is a genetically modified version of rapeseed. Rapeseeds are part of the mustard family which belong to the genus Brassica. The word, canola, is derived from Canadian Oil Low Acid. This is a... Read More »

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Do you need pest control?

On One Hand: Benefits of Pest Control.Pest control helps to eliminate and prevent potential health and structural risks from ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, mice, rats, termites and wasps. Such pes... Read More »

Pest control?

Moles?I'll feck all his lawn work even more, if it can get any worse?Hey! I'll improve it, who said I don't know anything about landscape gardening?Anyhow I'm a good pest, look at all this lovely t... Read More »

Principles of Pest Control?

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a pest is defined as anything that competes with humans, domestic animals, or desirable plants for food or water; injures humans, animals, desirable... Read More »

Pest Control Schools?

Pest control workers must be able to follow a number of federal, state and local laws in order to legally exterminate pests. States require that workers attend a pest control school and pass a cert... Read More »