Cannot tell if it is a scam?

Answer 100% scam.There is no buyer.Notice how the scammer doesn't call what you are selling by name? He uses the generic word "item", that is because he sends the same stock copy/paste email to anyone sel... Read More »

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What is all this you cannot even access for getting th ESPN magazine for 1 Is this a scam?

How to Tell when Free Stuff Is a Scam?

You love free stuff! So when you run across a chance for a free laptop, iPod, or other big ticket item, you wonder just how this can be real. Chances are it's not! Rather an elaborate scheme to get... Read More »

How to Tell if a Home Base Business Opportunity Is a Scam?

While it is possible to make an income working from home, there are many thieves trying to push you into scams. The scams are even more tempting (both to scammers and to their marks) during difficu... Read More »

I need help. Can't tell if this Is a Craigslist scam or not.?

100% scam.There is no buyer.There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money.He is not interested in your identity or bank account, only your cash.The next email or text was from one ... Read More »