Cannot open c:\ .vbs?

Answer It may be due to virus also, Try to scan with some good antivirus features and find out!

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You cannot open your iPhone how can you open it?

first off.. Did you have a passcode on it? if so go on Itunes and restart it. WARNING! -it may delete all you're memory. but if you don't want that to happen i wouldn't restore it.

My cd-rw drive cannot open! H E L P!!!?

OK so there is a hole on the front of most disc drives. And it is big enough to fit the tip of a paper clip in there. Like this picture...…The hole is in d... Read More »

Why Photoshop CS5 cannot open RAW files?

PS CS5 can easily open RAW images but you have to install an extra piece of software first called "Camera Raw".For Mac:…For PC: Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Why I Cannot Open Linksys Setup?

The Linksys setup page, referred to as the Graphic User Interface (GUI) by Linksys, is the web-based page used to configure Linksys router settings. To access the page, you must enter the IP addres... Read More »