Cannot make an account with spotify?

Answer If you're using Internet Explorer: At the top go to Tools then Internet Options, then click on the tab that says Advanced. Scroll down through the list and you want to make sure that "Use SSL 3.0" ... Read More »

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How To Get A Free Spotify Premium Account 2012 ?

A couple of years ago you could get a free premium account providing someone WITH a premium account recommended you. I do not know if that still applies.

SPOTIFY FREE USERS: can i listen to the playlist i made thru spotify on my andriod phone?

Yeah, you just have to pay extra to have it there.

Spotify: Does skipping a song in Spotify Radio influence how the service tailors Radio to my listening tastes?

When you make a youtube account, does this mean you've made a Gmail account too?

Nope. You can link the two, but they are two separate entities.