Cannot install 5.1 surround sound card driver in linux (ubuntu)?

Answer Here is the Official Ubuntu Sound and Sound Troubleshooting Documentation…LUg.

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How can identify my sound card driver,i cant open my CPU.i want install driver?

This is a CPU. What do you mean you can't open your CPU ???…

Can I damage a 5.1 surround sound computer sound card by hooking up 7.1 surround sound speakers to it?

In general NO - but it really depends on how you hook it up.If you run optical to a AV Receiver - this is the way it is normally hooked up to any 5.1 device. Your HDTV, BluRay, DVD player or HD cab... Read More »

How to Install Nvidia Graphics Card Driver on Ubuntu Intrepid?

There are many methods on how to install the driver for Nvidia graphics card.Here’s a method that is almost foolproof, involves no conf file editing, and can be done purely using apt-get package ... Read More »

How to Install a DirectX 9 Compatible Surround Sound Card?

DirectX 9 is a video application used by Windows-based computers to run high-end graphics for video games. Many of these video games also require special audio cards to play the audio tracks progra... Read More »