Cannot initialize external hard disk?

Answer I had the exact same problem. Here's what I did to initialize the disk:-- Right click on My Computer, choose Manage-- Go to the Disk Management section (under Storage)-- Your disk should be listed ... Read More »

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How to Initialize an External Hard Drive?

An external hard disk drive (HDD) does not care whether it is used with a Mac or PC--it is the job of the computer’s operating system to properly initialize the drive so that it can be used. Init... Read More »

Comparison of an External Hard Disk & an Internal Hard Disk?

Computer hard drives store the operating system software, application programs and all sorts of other files and data. Internal and external hard drives can both be used for this purpose. The oper... Read More »

If i use an external hard disk ,will it increase the disk space on my c-drive?

no, it'll add a new drive on your my computer

How to fix the USB 2.0 port on a LaCie Rugged Hard Disk external hard drive?

This has worked for me several times, so I will pass it on. Plug it in the port, heat it with a hair dryer, wait a minute, plug it in and out a couple times. If it still does not work try the sam... Read More »