Cannot access a particular website on the net?

Answer Maybe the problem isn't on your end.Maybe the site is down.Maybe it is out of business.Maybe their domain name expired.Go to the link below and enter the URL for the site. If it tells you it is dow... Read More »

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How to Fix if You Can't Access a Particular Website?

You read that webpage two days ago, but suddenly you can't access that website. You try to open that website from your friend's computer and it just opens. You may wonder what happened to your comp... Read More »

How do I block access to a certain website?

Editing the Hosts FileLocate the hosts file and open it in a text editor. On a Mac, open Finder, go to "Go," "Go To Folder," and type in "/etc." Double-click on "hosts" to open the file in TextEdit... Read More »

How to Access a Website Through an IP Address?

A domain name, such as or, is simply a memorable shortcut to the website’s location on the internet. This location is known as the internet protocol (IP) address of a web... Read More »

How do i set a password to access a website?

Create New AccountUnder the "Tools" menu choose "Internet Options," click on "Content," then "Parental Controls," then "Create a New User Account." Enter new account name, then click "Create an Acc... Read More »