Cannon 'a' series.which modelall seems to be good..?

Answer Between all those cameras, the A640 (10MP) has the best photo quality. It's the top of the A series line.The A630 (8MP) is almost exactly the same, except that it has 2MP less and is a different co... Read More »

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It seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?

This condition runs in my family. My father had this, and had to have the wax removed every couple of years. I had this done when I was 12 myself.What you need to do is spend about a week softening... Read More »

Are cannon digital cameras good?

No, but Cannon cannons are--really powerful artillery.

Can you use lenses from cannon OS 100 on new cannon digital camera?

Which camrea is good, Nikon or Cannon?

Cannon By Definitions –(1) A large mounted piece of artillery(2) A large, heavy gun formerly used in warfare(3) An automatic gun on an aircraft(4) An automatic heavy gun that fires shells from an... Read More »