Canine Heart Disease Medicines?

Answer If your dog is diagnosed with any kind of heart disease, where should you turn? Well, there are several heart disease medicines that treat dogs. Much like humans, the goal of heart disease medicine... Read More »

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Natural Medicines for Kidney Disease in Cats?

Kidney disease the second-leading killer of cats. Many older felines will suffer from kidney disease, but the diagnosis does not mean a death sentence for your cat. There are many ways that you can... Read More »

Canine Pericardial Disease?

Pericardial disease in dogs occurs when fluid accumulates around the heart. This can cause severe heart issues that may lead to death. Preventative measures can be taken, and treatment may be neces... Read More »

Canine Wobbler's Disease?

Wobbler's disease, also known as wobbler syndrome, is an issue relating to the compression of the spinal cord. This issue can severely affect your dog's health and its quality of life, and becoming... Read More »

What is canine Cushing's disease?

Canine Cushing's disease is an illness that frequently affects middle-aged or older dogs. Its symptoms progress slowly, and often dog owners mistake the disease for a normal aging process. Cushing'... Read More »