Canine Addison's Disease & Pregnancy?

Answer Addison's is a disease that affects a dog's chemical balance. Common symptoms are listlessness, muscle pain and depression. Although Addison's is treatable with medications, a dog who has Addison's... Read More »

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Canine Liver Disease Causes?

The liver is the largest---and highly important---organ in dogs. It filters the blood to remove impurities and toxins, processes food and stores sugar, among other functions. With more than 500 fun... Read More »

Canine Adrenal Disease?

Adrenal disease in canines involves any disorders that cause an impairment in the function of the adrenal glands. The two types of canine adrenal disease disorders include Addison's disease and Cus... Read More »

Canine Ophthalmic Disease?

"Eye and eyelid diseases are traditionally divided into congenital-developmental and hereditary, trauma, inflammatory, immune-mediated and others, and eye and eyelid tumors," according to the Go Pe... Read More »

Canine Disintegrated Jaw Disease?

Advanced periodontal disease can cause the dog to suffer from disintegrated jaw disease, where over 30 percent or more of the dog's jawbone is lost. The disease occurs when the dog suffers deep inf... Read More »