Can/do girls wear guys skinny jeans?

Answer Guys are wearing girls jeans a lot these days, so why not?Skinny jeans are only ok if the wearer sexually likes men.

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Do guys like it when girls wear skinny jeans and uggs?

Do most girls like it when guys wear skinny jeans?

um depends on wat style they like on a guy like punk rock or skaterrrrrr boys or watever then yes

How should skinny jeans fit girls and guys?

Yeah, you're right. Girl's skinny jeans are usually skinny, meaning snug to the skin, but some aren't. Guy's skinny jeans seem to be anything that's just less baggy than whatever their baggy jeans ... Read More »

Do you like guys wearing girls skinny jeans?

IT looks cute on the jonas brothers but only for them really, in my opinion skinny jeans sre only meant for girls and rockers to wear..however, there are exceptions:)Hope this helps!