Cancers that are treatable in children?

Answer Most cancers are treatable in children but being a victom of Acute Myliod Leukemia i only know about so many cancers and all though i know that every cancer has some sort of survival rate each one ... Read More »

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If the pink ribbion is for breast cancer awareness how come there is no symbol for all the other cancers that?

There is a ribbon for Ovarian Cancer. it's TealCheck this out for other ribbon colours…

What was the name of that family in the 1970s that adopted all those children including several special needs children and was the subject of television specials following those children's lives?

theres only a 2 percetile of children getting out of special ed. I was one of them and it takes hard work, determination, and sacrifices.

Mr square has nine children The children were all born at regular intervals This means that the same number of years between any child and their next younger sibling is the same The children from?

What was the name of the special that John Ritter did with his first wife when their children were small about how children take what adults say literally and how that plays out in their young minds?

I think the programme is The Secret World of the Very Young.If you take a look on the IMDB website you will find it on there